Sisterhood of the Rose

Sisterhood of the Rose

Please watch this beautiful Sisterhood of the Rose video.   It has been translated into 16 languages, which are all listed below the graphic. An article about the Sisterhood is on PFC here, and a nice historical  analysis titled Understanding Goddess Religion is here. For more information about active groups visit Sisterhood of the Rose on Facebook.

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Sisterhood of the Rose : An Introduction

Welcome to each and every one. Welcome dear ones in this sacred space inspired by and dedicated to the Love of the Goddess. As you read these words, She is loving you and embracing you unconditionally, consistently desiring Peace and Harmony among all beings on this planet.

The Sisterhood of the Rose is re-emerging all around the world, activating once again an ancient circle of Atlantean priestesses later known in Egypt by this very name, the rose being the sacred symbol of Goddess Isis. These priestesses gathered united in their Heart to invoke and bring forth the Goddess energies of Love and Harmony. These energies are foundational to the Unity of Creation. Without them there can be no Life, for without them the Divine Masculine can find no haven from whence to seed itself. These Divine Feminine energies are returning today with the Goddess herself, in her many aspects, in order to heal Gaia and the human collective, restoring the sacred connection uniting all Life on this planet, as a new and unprecedented era of radiant blissful Golden Age is now coming to being through Divine Plan and loving co-creation.

The energies of the Divine Feminine represent the calming, balancing, soothing and nurturing energies that will be required up to, at, and after the Event, in order for all the transformations to unfold peacefully, as safely and as gently as possible.

The Sisterhood of the Rose is thus the spiritual soul mate, the feminine counterpart to the Event Support groups. Where the Divine Masculine (Event Support groups) moves in straight lines, prompted by Will and focused towards action, the Divine Feminine (Sisterhood of the Rose) flows in spirals, called forth in Silence and harmonizing all with peace. One cannot flourish without the other : they are in Love with one another, and only as each of these divine principles is restored to its true and healthy expression can healing occur within us and on the planet.

In this balancing dance of complementary polarities, the Sisterhood of the Rose is here to anchor the energy of the Goddess into the heart of Mother Earth, and to liberate the feminine principle that has been distorted and suppressed all through our human history. It is here to hold the Love of the Divine Feminine, and hold it ever so that the vibrations of calm, of quiet, of undisturbed peace, are made abundantly available at the time of the Event.

The feminine principle is one of receptivity, stillness, acceptance, compassion, love, harmony, openness, peace, forgiveness. It is a principle of grace and beauty that stems from the heart and dwells there, radiating its passive creativity by embracing all, welcoming all that reaches to it, allowing the purest compassion and deepest forgiveness to dissolve the wounds of our souls and of that of our Mother Earth.

Within the sacred space of our Divine Feminine, there exists no competition, no jealousy, no comparison : each and every woman and man is a unique gift of and to Creation, seen and appreciated in the Unity of One Heart – a beautiful precious mandala of cooperative Goddesses, where each and every one, expressing the Goddess in their own unique ways, is needed and crucial to bring forth and anchor the multidimensional crystal of Goddess energy.

As each and every one of us holds both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within ourselves, it is of paramount importance to our mission of Liberation on this planet that we bring great care to balancing the masculine aspects of our action, movement, reaching out, purposeful focus and deliberate use of will, with the feminine aspects of our receptivity, unity, connection, acceptance, compassion – surrendering to these from a place of inner silence and utter stillness.

Thus it is that today, Sisters and Brothers of the Light are being called by the Light Forces to gather physically on a weekly basis or more, as Sisterhood of the Rose, to invoke the Goddess and invite her within their whole being, and through their body anchor her energy within the heart of the Earth, in a healing and balancing receptivity that moves in harmonious complementarity to the masculine principle and aspects of the Event Support groups.

Meditating for Peace and Harmony, both within and without, creating Goddess vortices in our environments and sometimes on specific locations, intervening in situations where harm is being committed and we can bring advice or speak to the heart of the people involved – as the Sisterhood of the Rose has always done in the past, for instance during World War II by trying to influence some of the top nazis towards more peaceful ways, saving many lives – is our cooperative answer to the Goddess’s calling : offering our openness and complete surrender to Her, allowing her to come through, so that a loving and peaceful transition may unfold at the time of the Event, and Harmony and Peace be realized for All on Earth.

On the Prepare for Change platform, the Sisterhood of the Rose will be devoted to supporting you in creating meditation groups or finding an existing one in your area, sharing meditations, articles, images and information that can inspire you and support you further on the path of the Goddess. You will find here various types of resources, including multiple meditation templates and visualization protocols for creating Goddess vortices, that will allow you to partake in the Sisterhood of the Rose, help her grow and give birth, all around the world, to a myriad sacred spaces dedicated to invoking, nurturing, and holding the frequencies of Peace, Love, Forgiveness, and Harmony.

Please know, dear ones, that it is not necessary or requested that you already have knowledge of the Goddess or practice of connecting with Her in order to answer to her call and join the Sisterhood of the Rose. If you feel yourself resonating with the principles and energies of the Divine Feminine, and if you are reading this then you do, that is all that is needed, for trust that the Goddess will guide you and fill your heart with her Love and gentle Presence. Weekly meditations within a Sisterhood of the Rose group will allow this connection to grow and to blossom, as you consistently invite and welcome the Goddess within your heart, and infuse your consciousness, daily behavior, thoughts, words, and deeds, with the sacred principles of her acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, loving kindness, peace, surrender, and love.

May the Divine Feminine shine within you and through you, may the Goddess heal you and show you the way to Self-Love and to Self-Forgiveness, in service of the Liberation of All Life on the planet – and throughout the galaxy..

In Love, in Peace ~ so it Is ~
The Sisterhood of the Rose group


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