Documents to Prepare

One of the main roles of the event support groups is to link various groups and networks together. Every group might be contacted by the Resistance and/or positive military to help organize and reassure their community.

It’s good to prepare a list of your community organizers and leaders contacts such as:

  • Local Police and Fire
  • Local Mayor, and/or County Executive
  • Local Utility Administrator
  • Local Hospital Administrators
  • Local Food Store Managers
  • Local School Officials
  • Local Employers

There is a letter you can use to contact them called ‘Community Leaders Brief’, click here to find it

There is also an open letter you can use to send to Corporate executives, click here to find it

Additionally you can share information to the general population, and find local organizations that might want to volunteer to help organizing community efforts (meditation and yoga centers for example), here’s a picture you can distribute at the time of the Event :


Click on the picture to enlarge it, then right click and ‘save as’. You can then print it, and share on social media.


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