Event Support Group Meeting Guidelines

Suggested Schedule

  1. Socialize for about ten minutes after everyone has arrived. Then ask everyone to take a seat in a circle and make themselves comfortable. Place a resonant crystal in the center of the circle to be a convergence point and absorb and reflect the resonant energy.
  2. Open the meeting with a 3 minute silent meditation.
  3. Have the group sit comfortably in a circle if possible. Have all participants introduce themselves briefly and explain why they are there and what they envision for the new society.
  4. Ask the group members to declare how they feel they can help the New Society and what groups they signed up for.
  5. Create a database of local, regional, and state government contact information to distribute the community leader brief to at the time of “The Event”.
  6. Don’t forget about the 7pm GMT Sunday Weekly Meditation which is located on HERE
  7. All meeting are to be free of charge no money is ever required to attend. ESG Teams can choose to donate money to a worthy cause or to contribute to a meal provided or even some type of humanitarian project but this should always be on a volutary basis only and each member is free to add funds to the cause or not!

After the meditation:

  1. Review the role of counseling and providing intel to the community during the Event.
  2. Discuss preparedness and provide training such as how to store water and food, use alternate communications strategies if the the internet goes down or cell service is interrupted. Plan for loss of energy by having extra gasoline, propane or electric generators on hand or stored. Make a list of all of these things and have the group share and plan to help each other at the time of the Event.
  3. Discuss the role of the group in holding the light for the planet. Be serious about this. Radiating calmness and positive energy has profound effects when connected to the higher frequencies through meditation.
  4. Discuss recruiting more members and setting up new groups to spread the light and prepare the community.
  5. Remind your group that during and after the Event they should plan on assisting the entire community with information and counseling. We strongly recommend you signup for the social media links to find others in your area (click here to find them) and to receive messages from this site and from the resistance.
  6. End the meeting with the Goddess Meditation.


For the Community Leaders Brief Protocols see the Leadership Section