Cobra Questions

Cobra Intervies series

“Please ask your questions for Cobra on “The Creation”.

At this time we are seeking questions on this subject only.

Thank you.

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  1. Is it true that making products of orgonite is not so innocent as they say and that it even is a weapon of the illuminati to gain more controle over men and nature? Does it even have an evil effect on your welbeiing?

  2. Cobra, you talk often about the Pleiadies, the Arcturians, the Andromedans etc. But what about the Sirians? I have a strong connection with the positieve Sirians, specificly with the feline beings. What is the function of the Sirians in Earth’s liberation-plan? THank you.

  3. When wil the final Break-trough is becoming on Planet Earth, I am so down the last few days and my purpose to sent hope to Earth is leaving me now, I have the feeling that i don’t belong he any-longer no more.

  4. Whats going on Cobra? One moment I’ve been able to create the purple screen while meditating and receive puctures from beyond. The other moment the purple screen disappears at the moment I see it coming. Is that the result of scalar attacks?

  5. 1) When will the Dutch Royals step DOWN and tell the whole truth about them NOT being truthfully on the throne???? They should set the public straight and give back to the people what they stole….
    2) how can I get in contact with helpers for peace on Earth and the Universe???

    • Bertina, wil je jouw vragen plaatsen op de Cobra Questions pagina van de Engelstalige PFC website ( Nu staan ze op de Nederlandstalige PFC website en Lynn c.s. kijken hier niet. Veronica


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